the opening party

thurs 9 8pm

Let´s celebrate. Join us for the opening night of [DL8]

We won´t spoil the fun, just say tonight is the night to dive into the fun.

We start with assorted highlights from this year´s Directors Lounge alongside live music by the fast swinging  Kings Of Spreedelta.

doors open at 8 pm

pictured: Decapoda Shock by Javier Chillon | German Premiere

DL X the full program: all films, events and everything that will take place during the 11 days of the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge 2014. Use the menu » (top left) to look at any specific date. Click "read more" for additional details.
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the opening mix I

thurs 9 8:30pm

pictured: In Dreams by Samuel Blain

Dalibor Martinis HR Egyptian Odessa Stairs  6 min 54s  2011

Dora  Martinkova GB The Most Important Thing… 9 min 45s  2011 |  World Premiere

Miron Zownir DE Auf Offener Straße  2 min 1993

Anton Corbijn GB Some Yoyo-Stuff  12 min 34s 1993

John Woods   CA    7246 120’ WE  2 min 17s 2011 | World Premiere

Seth Siddharth IN  Vidhushak  2011 10 min 43s

Olivier Dekegel  BE  Portrait Serie - Jonas Mekas  1 min 36s  2010

Samuel Blain  GB  In Dreams 3 min 57s   2011 | German Premiere

Firas Khnaisser LB/GB  Night and Day  14 min  2011  | World Premiere

64 min

the opening mix II

thurs 9 10:30pm

pictured: Maurizio Von Trapp GB Matador

Nicolas Ramel  FR  A/V Sketch#5  40s  2011 | World Premiere

Miron Zownir DE Valuev vs Violence 2 min 20s 2006

Don Swaynos  US  Six Hundred and Forty-One Slates  1 min 46s  2011| World Premiere

Malcolm Sutherland Umbra 5 min 35s 2010 (via Livebox Gallery, Chicago)

Fritz Stolberg  GB  Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing!  6 min 11s 2010

Maurizio Von Trapp  GB Matador 5 min 49s  2011 World Premiere in attendance

Javier  Chillon  ES   Decapoda Shock  9 min 15s  2011 |  German Premiere

Anna Potakova   RU Lebedi ca 3 min 2011

Dagie Brundert  DE   2 Cowboys Smoking  1 min 26s  2011 | World Premiere

Kote Camacho  ES  La Gran Carrera 6 min 55s  2011

John Christopher Gibson    US Gillespie  8 min 08s  2010  |  European Premiere

Joe McClean and Sarju Patel   How To Make David Lynch Movie 9 min 50s 2011

61 min

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