Urban Research III

Fri 15 | 6pm


pictured: Vladimir Turner, Merry-Go-Round

curated and presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Filipe Afonso PT Televisão 14:45min 2012

Nuno Escudeiro PT Pass by… 4:22min 2011

Philipp Hartmann DE / AR Entre despacio y por favor no haga ruido! 4:30min 2012

Julia Dick und Katharina Sandner aka katze und krieg DE Die Abenteuer von Sissi und Sissi 21:08min 2012

Laura Kissel US Window Cleaning in Shanghai 2:36min 2011

Kollektiv Graukarte AT Transforming a Non-Place 3:15min 2011

Gabrielle Le Bayon FR Image of a City 11:00min 2011

Kika Nicolela BR Don’t! 5:49min 2010

Jaime Rguez ES sawaruna 触るな【don’t touch!】 6:17min 2012

Signe Theill DE The new Middle 3:05min 2010

Vladimír Turner, Vojtěch Fröhlich, Ondřej Mladý and Jan Šimánek CZ Osvícení / Enlightenment 2:27min 2012

Jan Šimánek, Vladimír Turner, Vojtěch Fröhlich, Ondřej Mladý CZ Merry-Go-Round 2:05min 2011

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pictured: Kollektiv Graukarte, Transforming a Non-Place

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Fri 15 | 9 pm


Vägra Dö Slöe by Anna Azcárate

Philipp Scholz DE Steffi gefällt das 04:30 2012
Joseph Pierce GB The Pub 07:00 2012
David Grumbach LU/FR Imparfait du subjectif 07:30 2011
Donato Sansone IT Videogioco 02:00 2009
Matthew Jenkin AU Cockatoo 11:00 2011
Dominic-Etienne Simard CA  Paula 10:30 2012
Dan Abramovici CA Scr__ble 03:00 2012
Anna Azcárate SE Vägra Dö Slö 10:00 2012
Michaela Pavlatova CZ/FR Tram 07:00 2012
Tetyana Kryvytska Stang Lund NO Malika 06:30 2011
Svilen Dimitrov BG Rew day 07:00 2012
Joost Reijmers NL Een bizarre samenloop van omstandigheden  09:00 2011

TRT 85 min

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Fri 15 | 11:30pm


pictured: Susanna Berivan by Jon Clay

SUSANNA BERIVAN - voice, guitar, songwriting

“This lady has it all. Style, grace, musical talent, a beautiful voice to fall in love with and a face to match. Her songs vary from dirty C&W style to an almost Billie Holiday-esque style of singing, and is always accompanied by her trusty guitar. ” DOSSIER MAGAZINE