URBAN RESEARCH – II The Future is Now, the City Imagination

Wed 15 | 6pm (upfront the Festiweltparty)

pictured: I never told you what i do for a living by Curtis Burz

Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Beate  Hecher  AT  Silent Circles  3 min 00  2007

Marjorie  Hernandez Tejada  VE  Here  5 min 48  2011

Curtis  Burz  DE  I Never Told You What I Do For A Living  12 min 11  2010

Hirakawa Youki  JP  Depth of Whisper  4 min 00  2011

Alastair  Cook  UK  Filmpoem 15  02 min 07 

Petra  Lottje  DE  Go West  1 min14  2007-2011

Henry  Gwiazda  US  Infectious  2 min 03  2009

Henry  Gwiazda  US  Thankfully……Finally  3 min 10  2009

pictured: Depth of Whisper by Hirakawa Youki

Isabelle  Martin  BE  Tu As Loué Une Voiture Pour Pleurer (Crying In Our Cars)  15 min 00  2010

Ayman  Nahle  LB  Myths of Everyday, Page 5  2 min 15  2011

Ayman  Nahle  LB  Myths of Everyday, Page 8  2 min 02  2011

pictured: Phantasma Pripyat by Klaus W.Eisenlohr

Klaus W. Eisenlohr  DE  Phantasma Pripyat  13 min 23  2011

Monika  Rechsteiner  CH  To Be Continued  32 min 00  2011

Jaime  Rguez  ES  Transit  3 min 43  2011

Suman & Sourav  [TAXI]  IN  Swimming Around  2 min 35  2009

82 min

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Wed 15 | 8pm (upfront the Festiweltparty)

pictured: Sketch by Nicki Rolls (above) and Words by Jennifer Ross

curated by Kerry Baldry

One Minute Volume 5 (the fifth in the series of artists moving image programmes curated by filmmaker Kerry Baldry) is an eclectic mix of experimental, oblique and poetic moving image and features the work of 40 artists at varying stages of their careers. A myriad of approaches, techniques, media and processes have been employed, creating elusive, challenging and memorable work. All have one thing in common: that they have been edited within the time limit of 60 seconds.
Included in volume 5 are:
Marty St. James, Chris Paul Daniels, Gordon Dawson, Lumiere et Son (Sam Renseiw & Philip Sanderson), Guy Sherwin, Phillip Warnell, Kayla Parker & Stuart Moore, Jennifer Ross, Callum Cooper, Steven Ball, Esther Johnson, Paulo Menezes, Stuart Pound, Martin Pickles, Clint Enns, Katherine Meynell, Louisa Minkin, Kerry Baldry, David Kefford, Tina Keane, Annabel Dover, Ron Diorio, Michael Cousin, Riccardo Iacono, Michael Szpakowski, Kate Jessop, Jonathan Moss, Daniela Butsch, Eleni Xintaras, Alex Pearl, Zhel (Zeljko Vukicevic), Virginia Hilyard, Nicki Rolls, Nick Jordan and  Jacob Cartwright, Barry Lewis, Leister/Harris. 
45 minutes


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